Brazilian Challenge Day 173: The Rio

Lucky for me, my sister’s place in Chicago is near a Brazilian restaurant! Sabor Express offers an array of classic Brazilian cuisine and a variety of “Brazilian style” hot dogs, each designated by a destination. Now, nearly two years in Brazil and I had never heard of a Brazilian style hot dog. But then again, as a friend of mine once pointed out, Chinese food to a Chinese guy is just… food.

So day 173 of my Brazilian challenge, Chicago edition, I decided to indulge in “The Rio.” This was a dog topped with mustard, ketchup, mayo, corn, red onion, tomato and cheddar cheese. And yes, true to Brazilian cuisine, the cheddar cheese was not really cheddar, but a processed, yellow imitation.

The combination was good, but as you can imagine, messy. I needed a knife and fork to finish.

Next time I think I’ll be trying the Sao Paulo. Perhaps it will be slightly less chaotic.

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9 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 173: The Rio

  1. Tiffany says:

    They are best from food trucks/carts in Brazil. I don’t know about in SP, but in Ribeirao, they have these little roach-coach type deals that have the BEST Brazilian hotchee doggies (hot dogs). Go search and I am sure you will find one… love them!

  2. Michel says:

    the hot dog reminds of those sold in Brazil. Yoy should try it inBrazil. 🙂

  3. anna says:

    i love brazilian hot dogs with farofa and batata palha!

  4. galegainrio says:

    If you are pulling out a knife and fork for a hot dog then you are definitely becoming Brazilian. If you have other Brazilian cravings you should check out Fogo 2 Go ( in Lincoln Park or Taste of Brazil ( in Oak Park. But if I were you I would eat a ridiculous amount of brunches while in Chicago and take a trip up to Devon for great Indian food.

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