Brazilian Challenge Day 172: Maria Mole

Day 172 of my challenge to keep up being Brazilian while on my trip, I “made” pudim de Maria Mole for my sister’s book club meeting.

Instructions appeared simple enough. Mix up a caramel sauce and then the pudding. We didn’t have a pan like the one on the box. So we decided to use the glass bottom cake pan in the photo so we could flip it over onto the serving plate.

It was going to kind of be a very round, flat Maria de Mole, but oh well. The book club people didn’t know what it was supposed to look like. It took us awhile to get to the second part, the pudding part, because we didn’t have enough milk.

So we eventually made the pudding, and guess what…

You are not supposed to use a glass bottom cake pan to make pudding. (Not even really sure that was a cake pan.) So we quickly transferred the contents to a kind of casserole dish.

Turned out pretty good. Got a few polite comments about it and a few hard to answer questions (Wow. It tastes like coconut. Is there coconut in it? Is that meringue on the top?) But since no one knew what it was supposed to look like, or taste like (including myself), it was deemed a success.



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6 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 172: Maria Mole

  1. Rachel says:

    Good job! I’ve never tried this on my own but maybe now I will

  2. Ray says:

    Wow! This is new! I never saw Maria Mole flavored Flan… “Pudim de Maria Mole”…

  3. VSichalwe says:

    That is really awesome it looks like you did a good job, I love that you are trying and I am so glad you are not discouraged!!! Kudos.

  4. Rossana says:

    Do you know what Maria de Mole might be called in English? I’ve looked high and low in Canada for anything similar to no avail. It is really a delicious flan though

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