Cool New Products Since I’ve Been Gone Vol. 1

So, day one of my visit to the U.S., I’ve already noticed a number of new products/ conveniences that are worth commenting on:

Instead of spraying or rubbing bug repellent all over yourself, now you can clip this device to your pants and it will blow the repellent all around you. Not sure how I feel about this. Will try it and report back.

An individual, crustless, peanut butter and jelly sandwich on white bread in a plastic bag. Seriously. Think of all the hours of time and wasted crust this will save (I think). I’m guessing the preservative levels in these snacks are frightening, but I’m hearing it is fabulous for bringing to the beach.

CHOCOLATE CHEERIOS. Now why didn’t someone think of this sooner. Really.

More to come, I’m quite certain.

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11 Responses to Cool New Products Since I’ve Been Gone Vol. 1

  1. Shelley says:

    Those crustable sandwich things are HORRIBLE for you. I HATED it when the school I worked at served those for lunch: full of fat, white bread and so many chemicals. Man, I miss all the choices in cereal. It’s obscene, really.

  2. Ray says:


    We love the OFF Clip ons and we use it all the time and never get mosquito bites like we used to…Gil loves it because the mosquitos used to eat him alive…:)

  3. Ray says:

    Now that you mention Cheerios, can you tell me if you can find Cheerios in Brazil? you know, the regular Cheerios. Original without any flavors…
    I eat it every day and it has helped me lower my cholesterol…wonder if I will find it in Sao Paulo…

  4. Ray says:

    Andrew, just the air you breath at Emporio Santa Luzia cost an arm AND and leg…but you can’t beat having valet parking at your fancy Cidade Jardim grocery store…and they do have real Mapple Syrup too, even Blueberry flavored organic Mapple Syrup, I don’t even know where I would find that here…real good Maple Syrup at Santa Luzia goes for about R$67,00 each little bottle… 🙂
    But, I am used to store brand (Price Right) Cheerios (Toasted Oats), for U$1.69 a box!! And I am prepared for not finding anything near this kind of price… 😉
    Let me guess, R$15,00 a box, if it’s on sale…


    • Andrew Francis says:

      Cidade Jardim? I think you’re referring to Emporio Santa Maria. I meant *Casa* Santa Luzia. Not quite as expensive but not far off either…

  5. It is just wrong to meddle with Cheerios: is nothing sacred anymore?

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