Brazilian Challenge Day 165: More Souvenirs

So Day 165 in my efforts to be more Brazilian, I went shopping for Brazilian souvenirs to bring to the Americans! Nope, not baseball caps and t-shirts with “Brazil” on the front (although I did get a Sao Paulo Starbucks mug – couldn’t resist). My souvenirs are much more useful.

First, thanks to my friend’s generous gift, I bought some Nhá Benta to bring to the States.  (See Day 142: Nhá Benta.) Yum! Ok, I’m also bringing a bunch of those illegal chocolate eggs (see Holy Egg Mania)  – don’t tell.

Thanks to my students (we did a business case on the company and had an extensive conversation about the brand), I loaded up on Brazil’s famous eco-friendly beauty products – Natura!

And finally, you can’t go out of the country without a load of pão de mel…

… now can you?

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3 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 165: More Souvenirs

  1. Ray says:

    I love love your choices for Brazilian souvenirs, you have good taste.
    The Liberdade area has awesome stores filled with Brazilian gift ideas. Definitely worth checking out.
    I bough a nice hand made, calçadeira (shoehorn), in a store at Liberdade, made with authentic Brazilian “Pau Brasil”, the wood from the tree that Brazil got it’s name from… 🙂
    I always head to Liberdade to find gifts and souvernirs to bring back from Brazil.


  2. Danielle says:

    Good choices! For friends that don’t get expensive presents, I’ve bought candy (paçoca, banana stuff) and the handmade wooden jewelry that hippies sell on the streets.

  3. Shelley says:

    I bring Cachaça (but you already posted bout that), Bis, coffee from Minas Gerais, cheese (shhhh), goiaba, farinha de mandioca (to make farofa), pão de quiejo mix, and some interesting liquors. Oh and peteca (those toys that kids play with that look like shuttlecocks).

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