Brazilian Challenge Day 158: Fiber Water

On Day 158 of my challenge to experience that which is Brazilian, I came across a woman in the grocery store offering samples of a drink. At first I ignored her, but the word “fibra” caught my eye. I inquired and she told me about the new product she was promoting – water with fiber in it. I had to buy.

HA! I thought. If you are in the U.S. and want to see how one can consume the only positive thing about a broccoli in a bottle of clear water, you are going to have to come to Brazil because this concept is going to be tied up with the FDA for decades! Still, I did a little research. The only information I could find relating bottled fiber water to the U.S. was this site from a woman who claimed she invented the concept (

True to what the woman at the store told me, it tastes like water with a slight lime flavor.  But really, this doesn’t make any sense to me. Fiber is fiber. It’s what our grandparents called “roughage.” How can it disappear in a bottle of water. Ok, I’m neither a scientist nor a nutritionist, but this seems as valuable as internet stocks in the late ’90’s (and just as nonsensical). Can you really drink this water and expect the benefits of fiber? Are we so hell bent on taking the easy way out? Grab an apple for goodness sake.

Regardless, if you prefer your fiber in a clear, liquid, bottled form, we’ve got it in Sao Paulo.


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6 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 158: Fiber Water

  1. VSichalwe says:

    I think is really awesome that you actually put fiber in a bottle of bed. I know there is a few “supplements” for fiber actually, linaseed or something like that and if you actually leave it in water it turns into a thick translucent liquid and it is tasteless so if you add more water to it and put some flavour in it, you get the same effect as fiber and voila there you have it fiber in a bottle 🙂

  2. Ray says:


    I was trying to remember the name, but I have seen some kind of fiber supplements here that you add to water and they are clear, or at least kind of clear…I will try to find the name and tell you.
    Sounds very interesting anyway… 🙂


  3. Ray says:

    Yes, you got it. It turns clear when you mix it with water…

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