Brazilian Challenge Day 156: Revistas dos Jovens

Yesterday, my daughter and I took the bus back from Rio. As I’ve mentioned, I love taking the bus between these two cities. We had great seats on the second level right in front and for most of the ride, the views are quite nice. Even when the scene isn’t so spectacular, there are always things to look at and talk about. (For instance, a guy face down and handcuffed and surrounded by police officers on the side of the road.)

We also get some quality time together without being distracted by the computer, television, phone calls, etc. (Thought I’ll admit, I did periodically check my email on my phone when she fell asleep.) At the rest stop, we picked up a couple revisitas dos jovens. These are little magazines with comics and games, etc. They usually also come with some crappy gift. Yesterday she got a plastic Princess necklace and a set of useless markers.

I’m not sure if they have these types of things, outside of comic books, in the U.S. But these were in Portuguese, so we both learned handy phrases such as “Você tem talento na cozinha?” (“Do you have talent in the kitchen?”) and “Estão todos convidados para tomar chá no palácio!” (“Everyone is invited to tea at the palace!”) So in addition to munching on snacks totally void of any nutrition, we read and played games in Portuguese.

Was a great Brazilian day!

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2 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 156: Revistas dos Jovens

  1. Meredith says:

    Sounds like fun.

    • It was! Plus, the people at the bus station don’t hassle me because I have an American passport and my daughter has a Brazilian passport like the people randomly do at the airport.

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