Brazilian Challenge Day 152: Pamonha

So I finally tried Pamonha! Day 152, I just happen to cross paths with a man with a cart selling this corn based treat, along with a few others.

It was pretty darn good. A pamonha is similar to a tamale, but a bit sweeter and the contents are less ground. The one I bought was pretty dense so I didn’t finish the entire thing, but I can imagine how one might develop a taste for it.

Yum! Definitely worth a try. Thanks for all the recommendations!

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3 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 152: Pamonha

  1. Karina says:

    If someday you have the chance to go to Goiânia (capital of Goiás) you can have pamonha stuffed with a lot of different things, either sweet or salt.
    Now that Festa Junina is coming is time for you to get ready for all the corn cakes, curau, and a lot of things made from corn :).

  2. chapulina says:

    haha this post reminded me of this bad bad song 😀

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