Brazilian Challenge Day 147: Saturday Nanny

As I’ve mentioned, we now have a babá (nanny) who arrives on Wednesday afternoons and leaves (earlier than we’d like thanks to the SIL) on Saturday mornings. She is my SIL & BIL’s weekend nanny. We have her mainly because I teach on Wednesday nights and we can’t guarantee when my husband might arrive home from work.

However, because the SIL & BIL are angry at me for imaginary reasons, they decided to take out, of course, on the practically defenseless babá. Whatever makes you feel powerful. (I swear, someday I am going to write a book about the Brazilian novella I am living.) So because she wasn’t working this past weekend, we added a day of pay to her work week and asked her to stay on Saturday, Day 147 of my Brazilian experiment.

We made a load of plans. We would go to the movies! We would take a walk! We would do a little shopping! Guess what we did… practically nothing. However, it was nice to have this uneventful time together. My daughter had someone to play with so we could actually have a conversation without a little one attempting to sing louder than we can talk. We actually started watching a movie before 10 pm because someone else was sitting with her while she went to sleep. I’m not trying to shirk my motherly duties, but it was awful nice to have a totally work-free evening on the weekend.

Apparently, the in-laws have decided to forgive this woman (bless their hearts), so she’ll be someone else’s crutch this coming weekend (although we are heading to Rio anyway).

I definitely look forward to another Saturday in the hopefully near future when we get to enjoy a couple’s evening again.

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2 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 147: Saturday Nanny

  1. scrubgrub says:

    sometimes on Friday night our nanny has a friend sleep over in her room and she falls asleep on our couch… the TOTALLY awful thing that my hubby and I do is when we hear the wee one open his bedroom door, we lay in bed and sleep in. If she’s in the living room he some how knows, and doesn’t go to our room but the couch, sees her, and then play with her until we lazily get out of bed. … oh how Brasil has changed us… but isn’t it kind of nice 😉

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