Day 141: Cunha

Cunha is a city about 3 hours outside of Sao Paulo. It’s known for its ceramics and is located in a lovely spattering of mountain tops.

The land surrounding Cunha is breathtaking. The city itself is… somewhat unremarkable. But travelers to Cunha are most likely going for one thing – the functional art. Cunha and the surrounding area is home to a number of studios and craftsmen that produce unique pieces for cookery and interior design.

On Day 141, we broke away from our Hotel Fazenda and headed to the Sao Paulo center for ceramic good to purchase some pieces.

We visited three locations. The first, Atelier Suenaga e Jardineiro, was only disappointing because I believe all the good stuff was already gone. The shopping in Cunha is seasonal and the next big showing at this studio wasn’t happening until July. The remaining pieces were items you could buy at some of the street fairs in Manhattan in the ceramics sections, so we didn’t make any purchases.


Rua Dr. Paulo Jarbas da Silva, 150 – Mantiqueira – Cunha – SP
Tel.: (12) 3111.1530
Atendimento: Diariamente, das 9h00 às 18h00, inclusive finais de semana.

The next place, Oficina de Cerâmica, had very rustic pieces, but all with a unique style, and we went for some flower holders and kitchen pieces.


Av. Antônio Luís Monteiro, 816 – Falcão – Cunha – SP
Tel.: (12) 3111.1937
Atendimento: Diariamente, das 9h00 às 18h00

The real find, which we both wish we had hit first, was Ateliê Cristiano e Sandra Quirino. This is wear art and function really meet and we purchased a beautiful water pitcher and a gift here.


Rua Manoel Prudente de Toledo, 474 – Alto do Cajuru – Cunha – SP
Tel.: (12) 3111.2456
Atendimento: Diariamente, das 10h00 às 18h00

The area is also known for pinhão, as well as shitake mushrooms and queijo. My advice is find a hotel fazenda for weekend relaxation and take half a day to explore ceramics and shitake.

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