Day 137: Online Analysis

Remember those exams I had to take (see The Exams)? Well, not only did they deliver the result to my house, but early on Day 137, I was able to access the results online! Brazilian medical service is so cool!

I’m sure there are all sort of legal reasons why you can’t access your tests results online in the U.S. (like obsessively self-diagnosing) but it is very nice to be able to scan the numbers and see if there is anything critical to worry about… luckily there was only questionable number (aaaaaaaahhhhhhh, I’m going to die!) which I’m sure my doctor will explain. Right? It’s all going to be ok, right?

No, really, it’s nice to have this kind of technology. Did I mention they delivered the hard copies to where I live? Talk about service. I’m impressed. (I’m not feeling so well.)

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6 Responses to Day 137: Online Analysis

  1. Mereddith says:

    I love that you can look up your exams on-line and can even print them out. I was actually able to tell my husband that we were expecting a baby without even going back to the clinic; I just showed him the results of my blood tests on-line.

  2. Sherry Tinerella says:

    I can access my test results online here in Arkansas.

    • Really?! Straight from the lab?! That’s great! I had never seen it in the U.S. (Obviously I was going to the wrong places.)

      • sherry says:

        Yes. I’ve been going to University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS). I think times are just changing. I don’t think you have to come to Arkansas to get the latest technology. LOL I have been very impressed there. I need to catch up on your blog. How’s your Portuguese?

        • Portuguese is better but not great. I think Arkansas might in fact be the hub of medical technology. My husband was at one of the best hospitals in Manhattan and had tests done on a regular basis, and all he got in terms of results was a phone call… HA!

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