Day 128: The Kilo

On Day 128, I hit a kilo for lunch. A kilo restaurant is like a buffet, but instead of paying one all-you-can-eat price, they weigh your food and charge you accordingly.

Sure, I’d come across a kilo or two in the U.S., usually as a lunch option in a business center.  But these types of restaurants are few and far between. The couple I witnessed in NYC were kind of sketchy.

However, here in Sao Paulo there’s practically a kilo on every corner. It has got to be the predominant dining option in the city, perhaps in Rio as well. The great aspect of the kilo is you have all the options of a buffet, but you are not inclined to stuff yourself to get your money’s worth.

Like any culinary category, some kilos are great, some not so much. The one I indulged in yesterday is a paderia/kilo combo. Not fabulous, but not bad. Kilos are also good for those kids who are picky eaters, like mine, because you can grab a little bit of a bunch of stuff for them to try.

Years ago in Rio, I had the fabulous experience of eating at a sushi kilo! Holy heck, I thought I was in heaven. I have yet to find this in Sao Paulo, but if anyone knows about one, please let me know!

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9 Responses to Day 128: The Kilo

  1. Andrew Francis says:

    I would expect the better kilos to have sushi as part of the buffet. Maybe not a lot of variety but at least your basic salmon nigiri and sushi rolls. Is that not how it works these days? Try the Bovinu’s on Av. Paulista.

  2. Samia says:

    There’s a place for (kilo) sushi in Liberdade that’s great. I go there every time I’m in SP. It’s called Nandemoya, and it’s pretty awesome. You can tell the food is good just by the number of actual Japanese people who eat there.

    • REALLY! So excited to try it!!

      • Sofia says:

        There’s also “Itiriki ” in front of Praça da Liberdade which is a japanese food kilo. Pretty good too.

        • Seriously?! Yum that sounds perfect. Is it good to take kids there?

          • Sofia says:

            It´s pretty yummy. From the kilo restaurants, it´s price for the kilo is higher ( you must have noticed bye now that the prices for kilo varies from place to place), but it´s really good and since it is so popular the food is really fresh. You could take kids there, but beware that on the weekends it is really full, but worth it.
            Another restaurant I love ( I don´t know if you have tried it already) is Lamen kazu:, in Liberdade. I´m in love with it!! It has awesome fresh ramen soup!! Actually, it pretty much only has ramen soup 😉 , except for gyoza ( dumplings, which by the way, are amazing here!!) and a few small servings(rice, etc). You won´t be disappointed! But again, if going on the weekend get there either at 12 or a little earlier(opens at 11), or after 2.30pm ( closes at 3) because it´s a small place, but really famous and there´s always a line… Never mind though, if there should be a line, get your name on the list and take the 40min you´ll probably get of waiting time to walk around the shops. It is totally worth it!! Let me know if you try it 🙂

          • OMG – we have been there. It was amazing!! We had a difficult time getting in because we went there on a Saturday night – but eventually we made it.

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