Day 126: Pavê

Today, Day 126 in my attempt to immerse myself in my new culture, I made a pavê – a Brazilian dessert that kind of resembles a tiramisu. Since this was going to involve a number of different elements, I had my husband help me.

He we decided to use a recipe straight from his head instead of one readily available on the internet or on the box of biscoito champanhe, the cookies used in the dessert. Like usual, this involved a lot of throwing things in randomly. I made some measurements but in the end, I’m just not sure exactly how it all came together. But here is a visual representation of how it went down:

This was 1 cup milk + 1 cup water + 1/4 cup corn syrup + 1/2 tsp almond extract + some cinnamon + 3 cloves + ginger heated up. This is mixture #1 which was to be used to soak the cookies.

This was 1T unsalted butter (ok, we didn’t have butter so we used canola oil instead but he wanted me to write down butter) + one can condensed milk (395g Moça) + some lime juice + some almonds. This was heated up and stirred continuously because it is sticky and can get stuck to the bottom and burn. We heated this up until it was thick enough to pull apart from the bottom of the pan. This is one of the layers in the dessert.

The other pan is one box creme de leite (200g) + 5 Tbs unsweetened chocolate powder + some more cinnamon. This is also heated up for awhile.

Finally, you soak the cookies in mixture #1 and layer everything…

…until it looks kind of like this (not like any of the pictures I’ve seen of pavê).

Then you scrape chocolate over the top with a semi-dangerous cheese knife.

Then you put it in the freezer for one hour (because you are supposed to put it in the refrigerator for two hours but we do things more efficiently around here…)

Technically we made a pavê de chocolate, nuts and condensed milk. You’ll have a hard time finding a recipe for that, so here is one you may want to use if you decide to make a pavê:

So now we are waiting by the freezer for it to be ready to taste. I’m certain it is going to be delicious. I’ll let you know…


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33 Responses to Day 126: Pavê

  1. How can it not be delicious with all those ingredients? Very cool your husband helped you in the kitchen. I’ve heard Brazilian men aren’t that kitchen savvy, but I may be wrong 😉

  2. Jenner says:

    Good morning! I’ll make a list of foreign influences in daily Brazilian life that are perceived as Brazilian by expats. Pavê (from the french word pavé — pavement) is a French dessert made in layers. There are some French dishes very popular in Brazil. Estrogonofe de carne (beef stroganoff) is a Russian dish that came to Brazil through France. Another popular French dish here is potato gratin. I cooked both yesterday night for a couple of friends and my girlfriend. Served with Italian Barbaresco and Argentine Alma Negra wines.

    • Actually it was my Brazilian husband that suggested it as a Brazilian dessert. So, what’s you point? Just because it is made in layers, it is not Brazilian?

    • Jenner says:

      For hamburgers, I don’t know how they are served in Hamburg. I guess traditional German hamburger is very different from the US version. I don’t even know if there is a traditional German hamburger. Ask your husband’s family. The hamburger transformation in the US makes it a genuine American experience. This is not exactly the case of pavé. Brazilian pavé is quite similar to the French one, although it’s perceived as Brazilian here.
      It’s interesting how both Brazil and US borrow foreign names, dishes and habits and transform them in genuine local experiences, as hamburger and pizza in the US.
      By the way, I have rented a flat in Parma, Italy, last November and I have been traveling between Italy and Brazil since then. Once in Parma, I looked for Parma style beef (bife a parmigiana), very well known in São Paulo… Surprisingly, there is no bife a parmigiana in Parma, at least not as most paulistanos know it! There is only Parma style eggplant… Brazilians borrowed the Parma style eggplant and delivered the bife a parmigiana. A true and unexpected Brazilian experience!

  3. Ray says:


    It sounds absolutely delicious, we will definitely try to copy your version of a Brazilian PAVE.
    Plus, you can’t get any more Brazilian than to make a dessert using “Condensed Milk” 😉


  4. “So I guess this dish is not only “perceived to be Brazilian by expats” but also by Brazilians.”
    Oh, come one, we are not that stupid.

    It like the portuguese saying that the typical baguette française consumed in Brazil is a “traditional brazilian bread”. LOL. I wanted to hit some of them when I heard that in Lisbon.

    • Yes… you are that stupid. Please refrain from posting on this blog again. I’m tired of your ignorant comments. I’m guessing you should be doing your homework instead of reading blogs. I will be deleting your comments moving forward.

  5. anna says:

    bife a milanesa or parmeggiana can also count as brazilian in my opinion because in parma and milan like ray said its completely different!
    also strogonoff is consumed more in brazil than eastern europe nowadays!
    specially if you have estrogonofe + batata palha + arroz ….super brazilian 🙂

    • Jenner says:

      I said it, Jenner… 🙂
      Rice and fries with stroganoff is very Brazilian indeed!
      Bife a milanesa is milanese, though. It’s called cotoletta alla milanese over there. And Parmigiana is spelled this way in Italian…

    • Jenner says:

      Parma and Milan style beefs are different dishes, I forgot to stress! Brazilian bife a milanesa and its Italian brother are almost the same thing. São Paulo’s pizza is also quite similar to the northern Italy’s pizza. In Naples, though, they use a different kind of mozzarella cheese.

    • I was shocked the first time I was served stroganoff with rice and batata palha. But it was delicious!!

      • Ray says:


        Believe it or not, Batata Palha is a new item, at least somewhat new, it was introduced in the late 90’s. But I love batata palha because it brings a crunchy element to the dish and it makes it fun!
        Tradionally, Brazilian stroganoff has been served either with french fries and most commonly with good ol’ Mashed Potatoes 😉


  6. Jenner says:

    Ok, when I said Africa, I meant slaves. But there are Portuguese bean stews that probably had influence on the dish creation, since the slaves used to cook for the farmers, who taught them the Portuguese culinary.

  7. Andrew Francis says:

    When I read the title, for a second I thought your Brazilian challenge of the day was that you told someone the infamous joke of “Eh pa ve ou pa come?” when they served you some pave. 🙂 Now that would’ve made you really Brazilian…

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