Day 123: Fruta do Conde

Yes, another ugly but delicious fruit.

The fruta do conde is another produce that is seasonal, so when you see it, you really should snap it up. Although it is quite expensive – this one cost me R$5.50. But sometimes, you get what you pay for…

Another fruit imported from Asia (Asia has all the good fruits), in Brazil it grows in Bahia. Apparently, it also is grown in Florida (U.S.A.) under the alias the “custard pineapple” though I never came across it when I lived there.

Not only is this fruit unattractive, but it is difficult.

A big black seed in encased in every piece of the flesh of the fruit. But it is well worth the battle for the sweet, almost powdery textured meat. Delicious!

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8 Responses to Day 123: Fruta do Conde

  1. ovenloven says:

    I love these! I’ve had them in Taiwan but I can never find them anywhere up here in Canada. “Custard Pineapple” is definitely an interesting interpretation haha

  2. Ray says:

    I love “Fruta do Conde”, and miss it too. We lived in Florida and never saw it, or anywhere else around the US for that matter. It must be really rare around here and expensive too if we ever find it. Enjoy it, it’s one of those things that come in to make up for all the irritating things about Brazil like the burocracy etc… 😉

  3. Julia says:

    que fresco

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