Another Delicious Find: Brasero Amatxu

Hidden gem is probably the best way to describe this Spanish restaurant located in Jardins (SP). I must have walked by it 100 times on J. Maria Lisboa, but to be honest, never noticed or recognized that it held the key to one of my favorite cuisines.

However on a search for tapas one Saturday, it was revealed that this Basque restaurant, complete with a tapas and grilled entree menus (and a must-have patatas bravas) was just a few short blocks away. I had lunch there today and was as delighted with the quality of the food as my first time.

It’s not only the menu that is fantastic, but the atmosphere is quaint yet hip, which is a refreshing change in style for Sao Paulo. The atrium seating makes it seem as if you are dining in a private garden, full of green plants and light.

If you are in Jardins and into the food of the north of Spain, definitely make a stop in Brasero Amatxu.

Brasero Amatxu, Rua José Maria Lisboa, 1065, Jardim Paulista, Sao Paulo, 01423-003

+55 (11) 3582-5918


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2 Responses to Another Delicious Find: Brasero Amatxu

  1. Eu amo patatas bravas!!!!!!

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