Day 111: The Federal Police

At some point in every Brazilians life they must make a pilgrimage to the Federal Police. Today was my day.

I had been there only once before with our lawyer (or, someone who works at the office, who happens to have a nice, big, highly professional tattoo on display). But today, my husband and I had to brave it alone. We are still in the process of obtaining my permanent visa and have been waiting for nearly a year for the Federal Police to show up at our apartment to “interview” us. According to our Brazilian lawyers, they cannot get an update for us once we are in the stage of the process. (If you are moving to Brazil and are being told your local lawyers will be from Azevedo Sette Advogados… just refuse the move. If your company uses Fragomen to manage the legal relationship, quit and find a job at another company. Both have screwed up so badly… it would be a whole new post.)

So off we went, anticipating hours of sitting around with other people waiting for something. Like most government offices, The Federal Police = total hell. However, it took only a stop at the first counter for us to discover that their was actually nothing to wait for. The Federal Police hadn’t even received the approval (?) from the Ministry of something. We instead now need to check some website every day to see if the “processing” is complete. Huh?

Ok, so I guess I’m not in desperate need for the permanent visa or anything. But super annoying still. The good news is that we didn’t have to wait around for hours. The bad news is we drove an hour in traffic for something our Braziculous lawyers could have told us.

Oh well.

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