Day 110: Picanha and Pickle Pizza

Yes, that’s right. Smoked picanha and pickles. And buffalo mozzarella. Day 110 of my challenge to be more Brazilian we ate this odd assortment of toppings on our pizza.  I’d never seen this at another pizza restaurant – ever.  Picanha is the top sirloin cap on a beef and is a Brazilian specialty, most often used at a churrasco. We weren’t really sure about this, nor the pickles, on pizza when the waiter recommended it at Oficina de Pizzas, a rustic pizza place in Vila Madalena. This pizza dish is actually named “Ponto Chic.” To be honest with you, it was quite delicious.

The restaurant was pretty cool, though at the early hour (7pm), we were the only ones there. It also had an expansive wine list and a little wine cellar.

After the pizza, we took advantage of Sao Paulo Spa Week and went for massages at a yoga/spa down the street and around the corner from the restaurant.

A word of advice, it is not a good idea to get a massage with a belly full of picanha and pickle pizza. On my stomach during the massage, all I could feel was the big lump of pizza pressing into my gut. And then, of course, the Brazilians like to massage the stomach. As they say in Brazil – aye, aye, aye.

After my massage, the masseuse saw my husband in the hallway and told him that I couldn’t relax. Well, yeah.

I’d highly recommend a hike over to Oficina de Pizza for the Ponto Chic. Sem massage.

Oficina de Pizza, 517 Vila Madalena, Sao Paulo, SP 05435-030, (11) 3816-3749

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4 Responses to Day 110: Picanha and Pickle Pizza

  1. Jenner says:

    You’re always giving me ideas to revisit places I used to go… As soon as I arrive in Brazil, I’ll give this place a visit… Do you know NOU, not far from Oficina de Pizzas? It’s worth a try.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Hahaha! I can’t imagine a post-pizza massage, but damn, that pizza looked pretty good. Now I’m craving pickles. Cool place! I think by year’s end I’m gonna take a visit to SP again, You’re fueling my appetite! PLEASE go to the Italian neighborhood Bixiga and Liberdade too! Please do some food reporting/sampling and suggestions!. I’m so curious to know about it. And I’m also curious to know what variety of foods you find at the Mercado Central? Have you found fresh Jalapenos? Someone once told me you can buy them there. And how is your bagel situation in SP? I had friends in Moema and they always said I could find a good bagel in SP. Never saw one though! But granted my trips to SP have always been whirlwind things. xo

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