Brazilian Challenge Day 109: Babá Brokering

So the SIL and crew are making a move back to the ole homestead – Rio de Janeiro. This means that they will be leaving two very excellent nannies behind. One thing my SIL is pretty good at is hunting down exceptional staff – even if she has to drag them from other regions of the country. So I’d like to help them find good places to work.

Never though I’d been in this business. Ok, it is not actually a business because there is not actually going to be an exchange of money, only good will. So I’ll be wrangling together my contacts and seeing what kind of connections I can make.

With the increase of foreign traffic into Sao Paulo, I’m hearing that it is really difficult to find a nanny who will sleep at your home. Especially someone who is good. Why, you may wonder, don’t I take advantage of this opportunity myself? Well, as I’ve mentioned, I do have someone sleep here three nights now. But I fear if I had a full-time babá, I might be tempted to sip chardonnay all day, party all night, and sleep all morning. This, you will probably agree, would be a very unproductive lifestyle. Might be better if I stay focused on the few responsibilities I currently have.

Oh yes, and my loyal readers have first access – know anyone who needs a sleep-in babá in Sao Paulo? (I do believe Portuguese-speaking Americans are preferred.)

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2 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 109: Babá Brokering

  1. I hear Val is looking for help: inform nannies that an offering of Mountain Dew in a Champagne bottle wins points during the selection process.

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