Brazilian Challenge Day 106: Museu Afro Brasil

There are a lot of great museums in Sao Paulo, but today we went to Parque Ibirapuera and stopped into the Museu Afro Brasil. This museum totally exceed my expectations.

When I first went in, I went to the right. It was nice, there were some interesting displays, but the art and fashion on exhibit seemed to have less to do with the history of African culture in Brazil than I expected.

But then my husband called my cell phone (he came in with my daughter and the MIL a few minutes after me) to find out where I was. I got his location and went to hunt him down. They had gone to the left instead of the right. When I entered the temporary exhibition area I couldn’t believe my eyes. I didn’t expect the explosion of shapes and colors that I was hit with as I walked into the exhibition area to be so impactful.

Best part was, because of course our daughter is not yet really interested in the Afro-Brasilian culture, there was a toy exhibition.

There was also an exhibition on Brazilian cowboys, which sparked my daughter’s wavering interest. (Ok, so they weren’t cowboys, they were in fact cangaceiros, Robin Hood style bandits in the Northeast of Brazil, but I didn’t feel like going into it with her. Cowboys made her happy. And made her whine less.)

The museum is so extensive we only got through maybe a third of it.

The influence of the African culture on Brazilian’s own culture is, of course, historically significant. But this museum offers an in-depth look at the beauty and art of the Afro-Brazilian culture that is something that shouldn’t be missed. Oh yeah, and it is free to get in. The Museu Afro Brasil is an absolute must-see if you are in Sao Paulo.

Museu Afro Brasil

Address: Av. Pedro Alvares Cabral, Parque Ibirapuera, Gate 10, São Paulo/SP

Telephone: (11) 3320-8900 – de Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 5pm

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12 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 106: Museu Afro Brasil

  1. Some of these exhibits are really fascinating. Thank you for posting them.

  2. I went there not that long ago and I wasn’t a huge fan… I thought the exhibit was beautiful and very colorful but a little boring 😦 whoops!

  3. Jenner says:

    The true Brazilian cowboys were in Rio Grande do Sul (RS) state. They were called GAÚCHOS, the same name used today to identify the people from RS.
    The Brazilian cowboy lifestyle thrives on rodeos, called here Festas dos Peões de Boiadeiro. The largest one is held in Barretos, state of São Paulo, every August. Not a place for kids and families, in my humble opinion.
    Speaking of cangaceiros, the Robin Hood style bandits from the early 1900s, there is a very interesting tour in Sergipe state (SE) where you can visit PIRANHAS, the small village where Lampião, the most notorious cangaceiro, was killed along with her girlfriend, Maria Bonita (Beautiful Mary). Not far from PIRANHAS is XINGÓ Dam, where a boat takes you on Rio São Francisco (River) through a semi-submerged canyon. Beatiful, wild, hot as hell, dry (the weather) and wet (swimming is allowed and nobody has been eaten by piranhas until now). I was there in 2009…

  4. davidmalta says:

    Great photos. When we visited Sao Paulo last month the museum was closed the day we went there.. maybe next time. Instead we had to make do with a visit to the museum of modern art, which was nothing worth writing home about.

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