Brazilian Challenge Day 104: Coxinha


A coxinha is a rather large chicken croquette. If lucky, the one you select will be breaded and baked, not breaded and deep-fried. The meat inside tends to be quite tasty, generally seasoned with bacon broth and surrounded by potato. Sometimes you will find a glob of catipury “cheese” (catipury is a post for a another day…) not my favorite option.

Depending on how you feel about breading and potato, not the healthiest snack. But most often quite delicious. (See how I am suffering for this challenge?)

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13 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 104: Coxinha

  1. scrubgrub says:

    this was one of my first “challenges” not to eat it but to make it… all day affair, but it was yummy and I can say I actually made something quite Brasilian. I’ve had them in the US at my husband’s urging and hated them… the ones in Brasil are sooo good.

  2. anna says:

    all coxinhas are breaded and deep-fried. But there are many other “salgadinhos” that can be baked but not coxinha.

  3. Elizabeth Dos Santos says:

    Im making salgadinho’s today for my hubby who is from Rio Maria, I know that nothing I make compares to his mothers cooking but I try. It seems simple enouph Ill let you know how it turns out and add my recipe when I’m done. I never just follow a recipe, usually I google a few of them and kind of do my own thing with it. wish me luck he is the real critic.

  4. Elizabeth Dos Santos says:

    I’ve also made other Brazilian recipes, I have a Brazilian cookbook and google. Ive made Moqueca.(I ordered dende oil from brazil). I’ve made sonho’s, brigadeiro’s,and I cant remember the rest right now. I am a stay at home mom married to a brazilian so my job is to take care of our 2 kids and COOK! So my life is a Brazilian challenge in the kitchen, and so far I am a champion lol.

  5. vivien says:

    If you’re living in São Paulo and ‘love’ salgados, you should go to PASTELARIA YOKOYAMA and try their stuff. They have sfihas, coxinhas, empadinhas, bolinhos de bacalhau, pastéis, caldo de cana (very ‘clean’, once they keep the peeled and washed sugarcane sticks inside a fridge – they don’t need to put ice cubes in it, too… perfect), etc… Everything is super fresh. They’re always busy and DON’T STOP selling their delicious snacks. It’s not a fancy place, but it’s pretty good and clean.

    The adress of the best one (IMO) follows…
    Avenida Lins de Vasconcelos, 1365 – Cambuci – São Paulo (0xx)11 3207-9613

    I particularly LOVE the sfihas, bolinho de carne e bolinho de queijo.
    Ai, ai… Now I’ll have to go there. Yes, right now!
    I’m going… Tchau!

    Not a very good English, I know, but I’m still trying to improve it, reading nice blogs like yours.

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