Brazilian Challenge Day 103: babá para a festa

So on day 103, I did the unthinkable. I took a babá to a birthday party. And it was pretty nice.

Sure, if the parents have to work or are too busy (or smart) not to accompany their children to a birthday party, I get the need. (Though most of the solo babás at these festas do not, in fact, mind the children but spent their time gossiping and consuming mini hot dogs and Guarana.) But I never really understood why parents who had decided to  attend these kids functions also had their nannies in tow. Now I do.

Not only was there someone else to cater to the constant demands for popcorn and water, but I was actually able to sneak away from the chaos for a bit with another babá-equipped mom to the cafe across the street.

Yes, I like to make some quality time with my daughter at these parties because she does have so much fun (and someone needs to monitor the chocolate intake). But it is also nice to have some intermittent breaks from the birthday festivities. And to have someone else put her shoes back on after a spin on the jumpy-jumpy.

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9 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 103: babá para a festa

  1. Karina says:

    You’re really getting used to the baba stuff :). Have you seen a report on Brazilian nannies in NY?

    • I kind of am, but I’ll never give in 100%. HA. That article is crazy! No one I knew paid their nannies that. But it is good to know that they are getting paid well, I’m guessing they would be happier and nicer to the kids.

      • Karina says:

        One thing that I don’t understand is if those people can pay such high salary,why do they hire illegal immigrants? As long as I know, people usually hire illegals to pay lower salaries, but in this case… I don’t get it

        • I think because Brazilian nannies don’t just take care of making sure the child eats and stays alive. Brazilian nannies are hand-washing the kid’s clothes and scrubbing the floors and toilets of their suit. There are very few limits.

  2. You had me laughing hard at your first paragraphs… And I used to think that things I’ve seen/experiences/witnessed here in Recife were unique… love the expression “baba-equiped mom”… and trying to picture the babás eating the mini-dogs with guaraná, is just… priceless! Thanks for that… I’m a mom of 3 (6 & under), and never brought a babá to a bday party… also, i only take the older ones to those… way too much work, and obviously, I can’t sneak away… but it’s definitely a thought… 😮 Growing up in Brazil, I really don’t recall the logistics/’quasi-madness’ with this whole babás thing… maybe, parents like mine (working in BSB, all public servants) didn’t have that luxury… people used to have maids, but, back in the late 70s, early 80s, not as we see these days… it shocks me, and yet, it makes me jealous… and I keep thinking: “maybe next time, I’ll bring a babá… next time, I will…” 😮
    Thanks for the funny post!

    • HA! You are welcome. It is nice to have if you attend as well. And as much as I might consider sending her alone with a babá to the next tortuous infantile buffet, I do recall a sad scene at one of the last parties of this type we attend. One of the little girls who my daughter went to school with at the bi-lingual school she attended hurt her leg. Her babá was reluctantly comforting her as she cried and cried for her mom. It was a sad scene. Especially since we had been to a number of parties with this little girl and never saw her mom there. I guess that if something happens to my daughter that is upsetting, I want to be there.

  3. Stephanie says:

    The birthday parties are a torture. I have been to TOO many of them solo, I’d guess I’ve been to more than 50. It’s truly the one situation where I wouldn’t mind having a baba to take him. Almost weekly we have invites and it’s just not my cup of tea (the whole salao de festa dealy). Enjoy this perk! You have many more parties ahead of you.

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