Brazilian Challenge Day 100: O Estado de S. Paulo

Day 100 I read the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo. Well I read some economics and business articles. Well, I read the beginnings. I included it in my Portuguese lesson so my teacher and I dug through and discussed the issues.

She seems to feel much like I do. That Brazil has a huge opportunity to become a true world power, but a lot of critical issues will hold the country back. Lack of investment in education, corruption, processed cheese… just to name a few.

We used to get a newspaper called Valor, which was kind of like the Financial Times or the Wall Street Journal. I liked this paper because it has all the convenient summaries on the first page of what the content was about. I actually don’t know why we no longer get it… took me about three months to notice that we don’t.

Hopefully I can make reading a Brazilian newspaper part of my daily routine. I’m certain most of the Brazilians do.

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3 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 100: O Estado de S. Paulo

  1. scrubgrub says:

    I think you captured the 3 core issues with Brasil perfectly 🙂 Seriously I miss myself a good cheese burger.

  2. I am also missing reading the printed Brazilian newspaper in France.

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