Brazilian Challenge Day 98: Easter Eggs

Ok, so I’m not really sure how popular coloring Easter eggs really is here in Brazil. All I know is there is no specific equipment to do it.

My entire childhood we were lucky enough to have a product called PAAS.

As far as I know, PAAS started off as just colored tablets that you dropped in water, maybe with a little vinegar. The years went on and PAAS added more fun stuff to their kits like stickers and other decorating extras. I kind of learned to rely on PAAS.

But there is no PAAS here. Not that I could find. So on Saturday, Day 98, to color Easter eggs I had to make my own dye. And get creative with designs.

It didn’t turn out too bad. And since my daughter’s is only four, she really doesn’t really know the difference between a good Easter egg design and a bad one. But I’ll have to add PAAS to my expat shopping list on the next trip home.

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5 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 98: Easter Eggs

  1. Melissa says:

    We just moved to Brazil a month ago so I had no idea if or how they died Easter eggs here. We managed by using jello mix to dye our eggs. They turned out pretty decent for just winging it!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Kudos to you and Melissa for being creative! My Mom sent me 6 packages of PAZ a couple of years ago and they seem to be preserving quite well (=they are still working and not spoiled). I have a girlfriend in Salvador and what she does is boil beets and uses things like tumeric to make dyes. Very creative indeed. Though last year I mailed her two of the Paz boxes to make her life a little easier. = )

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