Brazilian Challenge Day 97: O Clube

In Sao Paulo, the social and sports clubs are a way out of the chaos of the city. You either have a club membership or you have a friend with a club membership. Lucky for us… we have friends.

So like typical Brazilians on the “fim de semana,” today we spent the day at Clube Paineiras in Morumbi. It is a great space with lots of trees and open space. It actually felt like we were outside the city of Sao Paulo.

The kids played at the playground. The parents talked over brews. Everyone went to have lunch.

It was a great day. So is a club membership part of our future? I think it is on our horizon.

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8 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 97: O Clube

  1. Meredith says:

    It’s worth it. We recently joined one and I’m glad. It’s nice to have a place to lie out and get some sun and then to swim. I

  2. Ray says:


    How would you compare the Brazilian “Clube” with the American Country Club? 🙂


    • It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a country club in the U.S., but these have a lot more space and a lot more things for kids to do. Country clubs in the U.S. tend to be for golfers and tennis players.

  3. I wish we had one here….I’m trying to get Rotary to start one! They have something they call Clubes here, but they are open to the public and the water is diiiirrrrty. I grew up going to a small swim club….but OMGosh did I love it. We were all on the swim team, played tennis there, bought junk form the snack bar, it was really, really wonderful. And I want that now in my life!!!!

  4. anna says:

    I have fond memories of going to the club almost every day…. I made friends for life there!

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