Brazilian Challenge Day 96: Easter Purchases

Yes, I broke down and did it. On day 96, like many Brazilians, I filled my shopping cart with large chocolate eggs complete with toys inside. Yes, the quality of the chocolate is probably lower than the Dead Sea. Yes, the toys inside would probably be considered a choking hazard in most countries. But ask me how much Brazilian kids love and expect this crap? Answer: a lot.

Here’s the irony. I bought these things for my nephews (and my daughter so not to feel left out) in anticipation of spending the holiday with them. But our plans changed and now I’m left with a small inventory. So what do you do with a supply of Ovo de Pascoas?

Thinking of shipping them to the U.S. Wonder if these chocolate surprises would make it through customs… (see Holy Egg Mania)

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5 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 96: Easter Purchases

  1. Andrew Francis says:

    Hold on, didn’t we determine conclusively in one of your previous posts that the toys are NOT considered a choking hazard in most countries (the US being the odd one out)? 🙂

    • HA! I thought we determined that a kid is not going to bite into an egg and accidentally eat the toy. The toys inside are definitely choking hazards in the wrong hands.

      • Andrew Francis says:

        Yes, I meant legally (i.e., the toys aren’t banned in most countries). If we are going to worry about kids not knowing there’s something hard and inedible inside the egg, there are a number of other foods that should be banned as well: cherries, plums, peaches, apricots and so on. Not to mention that most kids wouldn’t miss the pictures of the toy printed on the egg’s packaging.

  2. I’d recommend eating them, but the chocolate is probably crap.

    So what’d you do with them?

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