Brazilian Challenge Day 95: Community Parenting

Today, walking with my daughter home from school, a lady decided to make a comment, give a warning actually, because my daughter was walking on her toes.

The funny thing is that her cousin actually has a problem that caused him to walk on his toes. He has to wear big plastic boots when he is sleeping. My daughter doesn’t have this problem. However, thanks to the MIL, my husband gives her a hard time when she walks on her toes. And you can probably guess what happens when you give a 4-year-old an unnecessary hard time about something… they do whatever it is you are concerned about as much as they can when you are not looking.

If we had been in NYC, I probably would have inquired about how many children this woman had pushed out and then told her to shove her concerns up her a**. But trying to be the good Brazilian, I explained that she had just gotten done with a ballet class (my daughter was wearing a leotard and a tutu). I acknowledged her concerns. I then told her that she might want to get rid of that tattoo on her arm because it makes her look like a hoodlum.

Ok, so I didn’t say that to her. Give me a few more months of becoming Brazilian.

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8 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 95: Community Parenting

  1. Perfect! Although, I think I woulda said it.

  2. Hahaha! That tatoo comment is PRICELESS!

  3. Jenner says:

    We, Brazilians, love to make comments, constructive ones! When we make, it’s because we care. That’s why I love the Leave a Reply section! Comment posted…

  4. Alice Sopik Steyn says:

    Amigaa, so cute, I also have an issue with ‘busy bodies’ I almost attacked a woman once for making some or other comment when I was mad with my oldest who was throwing a tantrum.

  5. Stephanie says:

    You’ll grow a thicker skin, it will happen! These comments occur A LOT…especially when your child is under 5. I guess most people REALLY do have good intentions, but it took me years to understand this. I was just a tired, stressed out Mom and didn’t want to hear ALL OF THE INPUT!!! It drove me insane. It’s one thing to get it from Brasilian family/friends, and another to get it from strangers on the street, in stores…combined it’s not good for a normally sane and educated American woman (over 35 to boot!). I think I finally turned the page to not take it personally after about 6 years. But if something still rubs me the wrong way…I speak up now. I hated those times I wished I had said something, it burns and lingers. Better to try to say something, get it out! Could be any language mind you (hand language included). You’re doing great! You’re going through all of the normal frustrations, hang in there! It will all be just fine!

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