Here is some great advice related to Day 89 of my Brazilian Challenge.

Falar Ler Entender

Today I’m taking some time to work on the Falar component of my language mission to learn Brazilian Portuguese, working on my pronunciation of vowel sounds especially.

First: My thoughts on the importance of getting the sounds right.

People like to tell me this is too ambitious, but I don’t want a foreign accent. Ultimately, I want to sound exactly like a native Brazilian and I believe this is possible. I’ve always loved music and singing, and internalizing some of the ideas from Language is Music and The Mimic Method has really helped me start coming up with a concrete plan for pronunciation work.

More than being inherently time-dependent (eg. your accent slowly improves with exposure over a number of years), I think accent reduction depends almost entirely on the methodology you use while studying.

But why don’t I want an accent? (Especially when amused, attractive men keep saying things…

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  1. gringa feliz says:

    Hi there! : ) thank you so much for the reblog! I had a lot of fun writing that post. I love your born-again blog experience and am really enjoying the updates. Looking forward to hearing more soon! beijão xx

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