Brazilian Challenge Day 86: Estreia da Novela

So here is a Brazilian first for me and a contribution to my challenge of doing something Brazilian every day, all leap year long. Tonight I watched the estreia, or premiere, of the new Globo 9-o-clock novela Avenida Brasil.

All of the other times I’ve attempted to watch an episode of a novela (all failed except for Day 40 Novela) it has always been somewhere in the middle. Which made it even less interesting than it already was.

But tonight, I got kind of hooked. I just might add this hour to my daily Portuguese lessons. Except for, of course, Wednesday night now that I’m teaching.

So somebody else out there is going to have to watch it for me and get me up to speed every week. Any volunteers?

Just a note on the novela story line – of course the comedy element to this one is, yes, you guessed it, a rich guy with two woman who don’t know about each other. (See Lesson In Infidelity.) Again, I ask, what is so hilarious about infidelity?

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7 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 86: Estreia da Novela

  1. OK, I might join you. But I’d miss Wednesdays, too, b/c hubby watches soccer. (And if I can stay up that late…I’m an early riser!)

  2. Isn’t this like watching “One Life to Live” or “As the World Hurls” to gain a better command of English? If so aren’t there less painful ways to practice a language?
    I won’t be participating in this one as I am still undergoing therapy due to Bee-eigh-bee’s Mulheres Ricas adventure, and I only watched one full episode – Hellooooo (the voices, the voices: they are reoccurring and haunt me so). Shiver.

  3. Corinne says:

    Wednesday the novela ends earlier so as not to conflict with soccer, so Jennifer you should be able to watch it. Also, you can go to the novela website to get the synopsis if you miss a chapter: as well as read it in the TV section of the paper.

  4. Hi! I might join you:) I`ve learnd Spanish watching novelas, now I` m learning portugues tha t way:) the novela is just AWESOME!!!!!1

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