Brazilian Challenge Day 83: Boteco do Bairro

Tonight we did something very Brazilian… that is, Brazilian for the 20-something/50-something crowds. We stood outside the neighborhood boteco and drank a beer.

This was a great scene for people watching and certainly for observing the mating rituals of the young Brazilian adults. Alas, we were simply spectators of this curious and complicated world.

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6 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 83: Boteco do Bairro

  1. Alex says:

    These kind of places are really hard to find in the states, unfortunately. Who doesn’t like a fun, relaxed environment like that?

    • Well, the historical cities have something similar. Pubs, or the neighborhood bars. Chicago has, or had, one in every neighborhood and these establishments serve a similar purpose. A hang out for the old guys. A pick up place for the kids not interested in going to club. Bar food and beers. New York used to have these types of places, but unfortunately, the pubs have mostly been replaced by fancier, trendier establishments.

      • I love Chicago bars. Since I really hadn’t lived anywhere else before moving to Brazil, I was shocked to find those type of places didn’t exist everywhere – hahah. The boteca is decent, but didn’t fill that Chicago bar experience for me.

  2. Did you see other women drinking beer or did you get strange glances your way? I’ve found Brazilian women oddly resistant to beer, but maybe that is only for certain women???

    • Yes! We actually observed, most of the patrons were women, and they were drinking beer. I know, girls like the caipirinhas, which is not the speciality of this type of neighborhood boteco. Maybe the chicks were out to impress the dudes.

      • Guip' says:

        After 2 years in Brazil, I can assure you that they don’t need to impress dudes whatsoever.. at least not by drinking (they’d rather use dance for that). There is just no dichotomy beer/guys vs. caipi/girls the way you may have in Northern America or Europe…

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