Brazilian Challenge Day 76: Baby Food

On day 76, I indulged in the unthinkable. I allowed our baba to spoon-feed my daughter at every meal.

My daughter was never a good eater. The child would request ice as a snack. So my husband and I spent a lot of time shoveling food into her mouth while she was distracted by things like television. Yes, I know this is wrong. But is everyone familiar with the term “last resort?”

We finally got to a point where she was feeding herself. But yesterday, day 76, I had too many things to do. So I let nature take its course like a good Brazilian.

I see the impact of Brazilian children being over-served. I don’t want that for mine. But will one day make a difference?

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12 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 76: Baby Food

  1. akimynation says:

    Want to go to brazil one day. Thanks for your blog 🙂

  2. Swow. Are Brazilians really hand-feeding children over the age of 1? Goodness gracious. By 2 most children they can make their own PB&J if they don’t like what the family is having!

  3. Peg says:

    Some friends of our regularly, like for every single meal, spoon feed their eight year old daughter.

    Eight. Years. Old.

    I’m not sure she even knows how to hold a fork.

    E see it all the time, and it drives me absolutely nuts. Friends who’s babies didn’t walk until they were almost two because they NEVER put them on the floor. Kids who throw a fit if they’re given any food besides cookies or cheese, so that’s what they get. Parents who can’t have a conversation with you because their six year old is whining and tugging them away, and they go (while they are apologizing to their child for making her wait so long).


    • It’s crazy right? Or the kids who are screaming for their baba to bring them a glass of water. That makes ME crazy. When these kids have to go off into the world… but I guess that’s why many of them don’t.

  4. Shelley says:

    I see drivers and parents carrying 6 year old children from the gate of the school to the cars because they don’t want to walk. I met a kid who only ate sushi. My almost 11 year old had a kid in her class that still didn’t know how to tie his own shoes.

    • Unfortunately, I think this might say something about why Brazil may never really achieve world power status. You can’t hold down the lower classes and then debilitate the future upper classes with dependancies. It creates adults men who won’t help out their wives and adult women who fall apart when the nanny or housekeeper calls in sick. Mind-boggling.

  5. anna says:

    I had friends who babysat in NYC and they said exactly the same thing.
    kids who don’t know how to entertain themselves. they need to be constantly entertained.
    kids who demand they want something “right here right now”.
    14 y.o. kids who are not allowed by parents to handle a knife.
    8 y.o. kids who wear night diapers.
    2 y.o. eating candy for breakfast everyday.
    7y.o. boy who only eats chicken nugget for breakfast, lunch and dinner since he was 2 and doesn’t drink water at all because he doesn’t like it. The parents say he is doing well at school and seems healthy so there’s no reason to change!!!

  6. The perversity behind this dependency mindset is so great that even those who don’t have the means to raise their kids that way feel bad about it. This because they see the upper classes treating their kids this way, with them many times employed to help, and think this consitutes making it in their society.
    So basically those whose income increases and hence are on their way up the social ladder then make the same mistakes in relation to their own kids, and perpetuate the cycle. This is a is double tragedy since these people ultimately feel ashamed that they weren’t raised in a family with means to pamper, forgetting that the reason they are independent and, in so many cases entrepeneurs, is because they weren’t exposed to this vice. This isn’t realized though, leaving them with an unproductive sense of shame and an intention to raise pampered children.
    This mindset is very sad. It’s as if a whole society is at a shooting range, and eveyone is aiming at the wrong target.

    • Great analogy. It’s true. It’s why people depend on getting jobs because they know someone and people depend on giving jobs to someone they know, instead of allowing the market to surface the best candidates – because doing something purely on your own is against the grain of society. It is one of the factors that will hold back Brazil from being a great world power.

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