Holy Egg Mania

One of my daughter’s favorite treats is a Kinder Ovo. It’s a chocolate egg shell with a toy surprise inside.

Apparently these little numbers are banned in the U.S., I’m assuming because the U.S. FDA anticipates that a child will bite into the egg and swallow a toy. I’ve brought these to the U.S. for my niece and nephew a couple times, little did I realize it was totally illegal (see article Kinder Surprise egg seized at U.S. border).

However, in the land of “tudo bem,” which includes a lot of Europe, Kinder Ovo poses no threat to the kiddies.

As Anna commented, things go Ovo Louco as Easter is anticipated.

The Kinder Ovo concept grows to 10 times it’s normal size. Yep, these are all larger eggs with even bigger toys inside.

And everybody gets in on it.


The “ofertas” start earlier than with the Panttone. I can’t imagine what the inventory managers are thinking. I mean, these things were everywhere at the Carrefour. Unless they have already built into the price the heavy discounting they will do post-Easter. The eggs are a bit pricey, even on oferta.

I wonder what the U.S. FDA would have to say about Easter Egg Surprise Mania.

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18 Responses to Holy Egg Mania

  1. I like the egg passages/galleries those displays end up producing in the supermarkets.
    Speaking of cool patterns how about this for any saudades issues you might have.
    Your city is nice.

    • Yes, the outcome of a million foil covered chocolate eggs turns out to be a very festive display.
      I hope silly Midway airport doesn’t get to tear down those buildings. For shame. Plus, the author is right, terrorists aren’t going to bother going through Midway. Even they have standards.

  2. stephanie says:

    I have already instructed the husband which egg I want this year…that is until I saw that kit kat egg…I want one!! Ive never seen those here in Ipatinga…..

  3. anna says:

    I like Alpino, Sonho de Valsa ,Ferrero.
    I used to get a lot of barbie eggs when I was a child.
    Kinder ovo is everywhere in europe and its very popular. Here they also hang egg on the ceiling.
    Some of the products banned in the us are irrational to me….
    you can also buy “ovo pascoa gourmet” at some stores for children and adults that are much better (and pricier) than the industrial ones.

  4. workmomad says:

    The USDA would say nothing about it, since it’s out of their jurisdiction! 🙂


  5. skarrlette says:

    I don’t think the US assumes everyone is dumb however, I think that their are a lot of dummies out there in every country, I mean just watch America’s funniest home videos, or watch the news. I think that parents and others (by accident) could without thinking leave the candy laying around and a child could eat it unsupervised and choke. Just like I wouldn’t leave a bucket of water laying around or children near a pool unsupervised. The only reason anyone banns anything is because children have already choked. Hence the reason for the choking hazard ban. I like that the US looks out for children I know I wouldn’t want my child choking, and I can’t police every single item that they sell or know if its a danger. I wish they could do more..

  6. Jen says:

    whenever I’m out of the country (the USA), I ALWAYS buy at least one kinder egg…if not more 🙂

    I never knew they were banned though. It makes sense, but still a bummer.

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  10. harmamae says:

    You can get them in Canada!

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