Brazilian Challenge Day 69: The Play

Last night, Day 69, we went to go see a play performed by Brazilians. This was my very first play in Brazil and I was quite excited.

The performance was Festim Diabólico, which you may know as Hitchcock’s The Rope. It was at the Teatro Nair Bello in Shopping Frei Caneca, a mall. (Strange thing, most of the theaters here are in malls. My husband thinks it has something to do with security.) The reason we selected this particular show was because the girlfriend of one of my husband’s co-workers played one of the six characters.

Prior to going to the theater/mall, we had a couple drinks and some appetizers at Spot. Sitting outside of this restaurant, for the first time I felt like I was in a real metropolitan area, as the high-rise buildings, complete with fountain, we faced as we sat were reminiscent of Chicago or New York City. The menu is interesting and the staff is very friendly at this hip “spot.” I mention the drinks, two glasses of wine, because I blame them in part for what happened later that evening.

We get to theater and settled into our seats. The theater is small with a large stage, great for viewing and we had great seats, smack in the middle. The play began and we could see all the actors perfectly. And since we were in their direct line of view, they could see us.

As excited as I was to see a play, especially a rendition of a Hitchcock film, it was Friday, I had gotten up early and I did consume a couple cocktails. In addition, if I’m not paying close attention, Portuguese tends to sound like white noise to me. All of these excuses are leading to what I’m embarrassed to admit. I totally fell asleep during the play.

Yep, I bet I caught about 10 minutes of it. Maybe 15 minutes. I came to a couple times only to see, what I probably just imagined, one of the main characters staring at me in hatred from the stage as another character performed a monologue. But I probably just imagined it, right?

I’ve given a number of presentations over the course of my career. I’ve also sat through probably a hundred more. And you often come across that a**hole that falls asleep while you are speaking. If someone is droning on about new compliance regulations, it is understandable, even amusing, if people are put to sleep.

But this was entertainment. I can’t even imagine what the performers, and the rest of the audience members, were thinking – of course, that is if they even really noticed me crumpled up against my husband’s shoulder, or my head intermittenly dropping to my chin.

They probably didn’t, right?

I guess when my husband goes to work on Monday, and talks to the friend who gave us the tickets, because his girlfriend was on stage wondering what kind of a**hole would come to a play to sleep, we’ll see.

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15 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 69: The Play

  1. You’re in good company….I love movies, and I fell asleep in ‘Batman Returns’. A super loud movie. I had returned to the US after 2 years of traveling, and was overwhelmed with Reverse Culture Shock. 🙂

    Do you want a study partner for Portuguese?

  2. Stephanie says:

    Haha! Don’t feel badly. Sometimes when that wave of sleepiness hits, there’s no avoiding it. It means, you were really tired. And hopefully no one noticed. Your husband can just say you weren’t feeling well. Don’t sweat it!

  3. Patricia says:

    It happens! Just take it like an authentic Brazilian: tudo bem, tudo bem. : )

  4. Andrew Francis says:

    Most theaters I remember from a few years ago were at street level in places like Rua Augusta and in the old “Centro”. Those ones might have all closed down, I have no idea. I think new theathers are being set up in shopping malls for the same reasons so many other stores and services have migrated to the malls. Sure, security is one aspect but convenience is another factor. Parking is usually OK, it’s indoors so the weather doesn’t matter, you can easily have a pre-show meal… the list goes on.

    I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “Shopping é a praia de paulista”. It’s kind of true: the mall is where people go for leisure in Sao Paulo so why not have theaters there too?

  5. anna says:

    don’t worry about sleeping… it happens. I hope she didn’t notice it : )

    if you want to go to a more charming place you should try “Sala São Paulo”.
    The Julio Prestes Cultural Center, which is located in the Julio Prestes Train Station
    its in the city centreão_Paulo

    other theatres:

  6. Jenner says:

    I used to frequent Spot 10, 8 years ago. Food was delicious, the place always packed. The goers were initially young, hip. AS time went by, the goers became more and more gay. One night I and my ex wife were the only straight couple there. How is the place nowadays? I always sleep at plays! I can’t stand them…

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