Brazilian Challenge Day 67: Itubaina

At the suggestion of Mr. Andrew Francis, today I drank Itubaina with my pizza lunch. (A pizza “sem” mayonnaise, sem ketchup and sem olive oil for the record.)

The Carrefour offered the soda in two flavors via 2 liter bottle, but I selected the “retro” 355ml version in Tutti-Frutti. As mentioned before, I’m not much of a soda person, but I thought it was pretty good. Kind of bubble-gummy tasting. I’m guessing the Inca Kola suggested by Rischmoller tastes pretty similar.

I must say I like Itubaina better than the official Guarana soda. Although this flavor is described on the bottle as being a “refrigerante de guarana com aroma de tutti-frutti.”

I guess the aroma de tutti-frutti makes the difference for me.

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18 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 67: Itubaina

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  2. I just was about to say something about it, and then a few words later, you did it for me! haha Thanks for that! I’ve never tried this, but planning a short trip to São Paulo next month to visit friends who just moved there from the States. I will try to get a hold of a bottle for comparison tastes!

  3. Also, I’d refer you or anyone to a great article by another blogger that is all about Inca Kola:

  4. Meredith says:

    Ugh. Inca Kola is like bubblegum in a bottle.

  5. Cthegringa says:

    We used to get Inca Kola from a Latino market/ Peruvian restaurant in Richmond, VA. I thought it tasted more like Fresca with syrup more than bubble gum. I haven’t seen it in the parts of Brazil I’ve been yet but I liked it when I tried it in the states.

  6. Andrew Francis says:

    This is so cool, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Tubaina brings back memories of bad cafeteria lunches in university. Ah, the good old times.

    Wait a minute… you had pizza for lunch? Surely that’s another unwritten rule about pizza in Sao Paulo: you only have it for dinner. 😉

  7. Ray says:

    Ha! I was about to ask “How did you eat find Pizza to eat for lunch?”! 🙂
    I figure you made it at home, just about the only way you could do it, Pizzarias don’t even open for lunch! 🙂
    Run! We will hold the crowds with the torches back for you!!! 🙂


    • Andrew Francis says:

      Ray, we gotta be careful so we don’t turn into the Pizza Police here. Pretty soon, Born Again is going to be running away from us (or our comments, anyway). 🙂

    • Ah HA! That explains it. You have no idea how many times we tried to go to a pizzeria on a weekend in the afternoon only to never find one open. Now I understand it is a conspiracy!

  8. anna says:

    brazilians usually dont eat pizza for lunch but Pizza Hut has a buffet lunch “rodizio”at some stores which is really good and cheap.

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