Brazilian Challenge Day 66: The Mall

Shopping Cidade Jardim

People in Sao Paulo love their malls. And with good reason. The city has some of the most luxurious malls I’ve seen.

I’m not much of a “maller,” as least not since my suburban high school days during which the mall was one of the few activities my town had to offer. But Day 66, my daughter and I went to go hang out at the mall to escape the heat and wait for my husband to get off work.

Our mall of choice was Shopping Vila Olímpia, selected due to its close proximity to my husband’s office. (The English word “shopping” is used straight-up as a noun here to describe a mall.)  We mostly hung out in the mall bookstore trying to find a science book that might help explain all the questions she’s been throwing at me lately. (What are eyeballs made of? How does my arm work? What is my tongue made of? Why do I have hair?) But we also walked around a bit.

Most malls here are multilevel and all seem to have movie theaters. Even the most luxurious, like one of my favorites because of the VIP movie theater (see Segregation Cinema), Shopping Cidade Jardim, are family focused.

If interested, here are some of the more spectacular malls the city has to offer:

Shopping Cidade Jardim – In addition to the VIP movie theater, if need be, you can pick up a helicopter or a yacht at this mall.

Shopping Iguatemi, Jardim Paulistano – Three levels of designer goodies. It also has PIKS, where for a stack of reis, your child can play with toys and decorate cupcakes. Often has a guy playing a grand piano in the center at an open cafe.

Shopping Vila Olímpia, Vila Olímpia – Also has a VIP theater.

Shopping Market Place, Santo Amaro. Always has stuff going on for kids.

And the list goes on and on…

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5 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 66: The Mall

  1. Andrew Francis says:

    Sorry to dig up an old post but I don’t understand your point about “segregation cinema”. I’ve never been to one in Sao Paulo but there are a few luxury cinemas here in London and they are just a bit nicer than the regular ones. It’s cool if you feel like spending a bit more for a special occasion but it just comes down to consumer choice vs price point, or am I missing something?

    • Dig away. This one isn’t just a “bit nicer.” This one is WAY nicer. Check it out.
      Anyway, my real point is you can’t buy class.

      • Andrew Francis says:

        I get it. You’re referring to the people who disrespect fellow movie-goers even (or especially) in an upmarket place like that. I agree, there’s no excuse for that behavior. Sadly, there’s a bit too much of the “Voce sabe com quem voce esta falando?” attitude in Brazil.

        The ones I’ve been to have a bar in the lounge, leather sofas and footrests, a side table for your drinks and waiters serving in the theater before the movie starts. Oh, and I think “snazzy” snacks instead of popcorn. What else do you get in Sao Paulo?

  2. Andrew Francis says:

    No, it’s actually pretty cool. A “bit nicer” is just the British way of putting it. 🙂

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