Brazilian Challenge Day 64: Cerveja in the Sand

I’m not a huge beer fan. But the Brazilians are right, there is nearly nothing better than a cold beer on a hot day at the beach.

The Brazilian beers tend to be lighter with less alcohol, so it is quite refreshing to drink one and it adds to the relaxation of an ocean view.

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8 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 64: Cerveja in the Sand

  1. Andrew Francis says:

    That reminds me: have you tried Tubaina? It’s an old school Brazilian soft drink similar to guarana. How about Fanta Uva? Does that exist only in Brazil? I’ve never seen it anywhere else.

  2. Tab, oh the memories. . .

  3. Andrew Francis says:

    Wow, the things you can learn on Wikipedia:

    Anyway, Tubaina has become retro and hip. The naming is confusing because there are different brands that make the stuff. Search for Itubaina (probably the most widely available one nowadays) if you’re interested.

    • hahahaha! Wow. What did we do before Wikipedia??!! Just sit around and wonder about things…
      I’ll definitely look for Tubaina. Is it a common soda that I can get at a Pao de Acucar? Or do I need to go specialty store?

  4. Andrew Francis says:

    Last year I saw these ones in an Extra or Carrefour so I think they should be easy to find:

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