Brazilian Challenge Day 57: Sao Paulo Pizza

After the controversy Day 55 entry caused (see Pizza Brazil Style), I thought it necessary to visit the other side.

So tonight we had Sao Paulo style pizza, complete… complete with olive oil.

We ordered the pizza from one of the local shops, and at the recommendation of Ray, we had 1/2 catipury & palmito, but we also had 1/2 my favorite – eggplant and sundried tomato. Both were yummy!

But I have the same opinion about the olive oil that I did about the ketchup/mayo combo – just didn’t add anything special for me. The pizza was quite OK without the extras.

Would love to hear the SP/olive oil side. But of course, we ended the meal with a super Brazilian dessert….

Brigadeiro pizza.

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16 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 57: Sao Paulo Pizza

  1. Brigadeiro pizza!?!?!?!?!? Oh_my_word.

    The pizza with olive oil looks unappetizing. I’m with you- pizza doe snot need a condiment.

  2. Brasilicana says:

    Whoa, that first piece looks like it’s drowning in olive oil :-/

    I’m just not a fan of Brazilian pizza. I haven’t tried it in Sao Paulo yet (where it might be better ’cause there are more Italians!) but here in the northeast the tomato sauce is virtually non-existent and the cheese is meh. My favorite “flavor” is dried tomato and arugula.

    I’ll eat it… but it doesn’t hold a candle to NYC pizza!

    • Ray says:


      Sao Paulo Pizza has absolutely nothing to do with Pizza anywhere else in Brazil and yes, most of us have a strong portion of Italian blood in our heritage. 🙂


  3. Alex says:


  4. Karina says:

    OMG, how much olive oil did you add? I’ve never seen something like that, we usually add just a little bit…

  5. Ray says:

    Dear B.A.B.,

    I want to point out that there is CATUPIRY and there is REQUEIJAO, the first one is thicker and doesn’t melt as easy as requeijao. I know, CATUPIRY says requeijao on the box, but as you may have noticed, it’s not the same thingk. The requeijao from the glass cups, is a lot softer.
    There are thousands of great Pizzas in Sao Paulo with CATUPIRY, but I was refering specifically to the REQUEIJAO c/ PALMITO from “Marguerita Pizzeria”, it is a out of body experience, you will understand what I am trying to say when you try it.
    As Brasilicana well pointed out, it looks like too much Olive Oil on that slice of Sao Paulo Pizza. We drizzle a tiny very thin amount of Olive Oil, some people don’t add any Olive Oil at all.
    The Brigadeiro Pizza is something so new, I have never tried. But it looks awesome!


  6. anna says:

    it looks like you had a lot of olive oil 🙂
    in the south of brazil people add more olive oil than ketchup I think.

    i love brigadeiro pizza – specially “sensacao” = brigadeiro + strawberries pieces

  7. Andrew Francis says:

    You’re right, the very cheesy pizzas probably don’t need any olive oil but try a light drizzle on a Calabresa which is much drier (usually just lots of sausage, onions, some black olives and oregano).

  8. I’m Paulistana, and I’m not a fan of drizzling Olive Oil too… but I LOVE Paulista pizza!!! Thin crust, crispy, coal fired…. yum!! My Fav is “Caipira: Frango com catupiry e milho”

  9. scrubgrub says:

    I could see the olive oil being good to eat with the left over crust pieces that my husband never touches for being too dry… but for the topping covered rest, I think it probably is a bit of over kill.

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