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born again brazilian

Carnaval has come and gone (well, I think this morning it is lingering until 12N). I’ve documented my mild carnaval experience in the mountains. But how was the carnaval experience for fellow Brazil bloggers in other areas?

Let’s take a look!

Adventures of a Gringa, Rio de Janeiro: Where will you be from Feb 17-21?

Blog da Elis, Sao Paulo: Feliz Carnaval!

Brasilicana, Salvador: Brazil Mystery #5: Our Lady of Mini-Skirts

Update – Give Us This Day Our Daily Mango, Belo Horizonte: Carnaval in Belo Horizonte

Rachel’s Rantings in Rio, Rio de Janeiro: Inside the Bloco: Rio de Janeiro Carnaval

Meredith’s in Brasilia: Carnaval in Rio and Brasilia

Qualidade de Vida, Rio de Janeiro: Carnaval in Rio

The Book Is On The Table, Sao Paulo: The Queen, Boudica, Shakespeare, Robin Hood 5 O’Clock Tea and…..Wayne Rooney – União Da Ilha’s UK Themed Carnaval Parade

The Gritty Poet, Brasilia: ‘Tis The…

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