Brazilian Challenge Day 51: Anti-Carnaval

With all the dancing, singing and Brazilian bling, you’d think that everyone in the country would be all over the carnaval festivities. But no. Apparently black is the new white.

It is much more in fashion now to AVOID carnaval and all of its messy fun. At least according to the Brazilians I run with. So today we did not much more than take a walk, chat with family and hang out by the pool. No Samba. No glitz. Tomorrow, we’ll be traveling back to avoid carnaval traffic.

Just call me a super-cool Brazilian.

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4 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 51: Anti-Carnaval

  1. Next year will have to be Anti-Anti Carnaval. 🙂

  2. andyhpmartin says:

    Interesting, my wife’s family are the same. They try to avoid Carnival like the plague!

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