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When the only complaint one has about a project is, “I want more!”, it’s a very good sign.  Everything about L.A.’s Dúo del Sol (Uruguayan violinist Javier Orman and Chicago guitarist Tom Farrell) is endearing, from their Kickstarter campaign (Coffee and Conversation!  Romantic Serenade!  Dinner with Dúo del Sol!) to their cover art (two musicians on a paper crane, oblivious to the shark in front of them) to the reason for their existence:  the music.

Much of the material we cover at A Closer Listen is dark and downbeat.  We love these sort of things – call us crazy, we do – but this should not imply that we lack joy in our hearts.  Joy!  Exuberance!  Fiesta!   Mirá is an album of happiness, an early summer arriving on the California breeze.  Even when the album flirts with sadness, it’s easy to address: the sadness that the good wine…

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