You Know You Are In a Catholic Country When…

Random places of worship…

We were walking along a residential road in Petropolis when we came across this:

You’ve got to be very devote to interact with these pews.

See also:

Rio Grande do Sul

Sao Paulo Zoo


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5 Responses to You Know You Are In a Catholic Country When…

  1. There are lots of little roadside shrines like this in Poland, as well. They are literally everywhere. And lots of people have them in their gardens, too. It’s definitely something unique to heavily Catholic countries.

  2. We had a lot of these in my ‘hood in Sacramento, California. It incorporated both Japantown and a Mexican community, so gardens would weave in and out of Kwan Yin and Mary . We had a statue of each in our garden, and different people would stop and honor their preferred goddess.

  3. Peg says:

    There is one almost exactly like the Petropolis one in Teresopolis too. The day we were there it was crowded with several people leaving candles, food and flowers. There was some story about the water there performing a miracle? I wish I knew more about it.

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