Brazilian Challenge Day 50: Bday BBQ Brazilian Style

My husband and I both have complicated birthdays. Mine is close to Christmas, his close to Carnaval, so our birthday celebrations normally get thrown into the holiday mix, which has its pros and cons.

But this year he is turning 40, so we need to commemorate with something special! Celebrating a birthday with a barbeque is quite common in the U.S. Hot dogs, hamburgers, corn-on-the-cob… All-American ways to celebrate any event, really. Sometimes just to celebrate the weekend.

So this year we had a poolside birthday barbecue. In Brazil, a backyard barbecue is called a churassco, and instead of burgers and hot dogs, the main entree is picanha (see Day 47: Meat).

You will also find farofa, toasted manioc flour, with a green pepper salsa, sausages, and of course, cheese on a stick. The countries also share some BBQ cuisine classics, like chips and dip.

My daughter wanted her daddy’s party to have a theme and she chose Cars 2.

So I added my own American touch, McQueen cupcakes!

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11 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 50: Bday BBQ Brazilian Style

  1. Did you make those cupcakes? So cool!

    We had a great celebration in the US for Carlos’ 40th, it was so fun. We had a little samba performance, brigadeiro, and old soccer footage!

  2. anna says:

    Happy birthday to your husband !!
    I liked how your daughter wanted a theme.. adorable!
    cute cupcakes! you are “prendada”

  3. Alex says:

    WOW! Looks like you should open up an American style padaria in Sao Paulo! I’m sure those cupcakes would be a huge hit! They look awesome !

    Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  4. Marina says:

    Those cupcakes!!! Omg. Your husband and daughter better appreciate the fantastic wife and mother they have!

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