Brazilian Challenge Day 47: Meat

At the suggestion of Danielle, today I learned how to buy meat. Actually, Danielle suggested learning how to buy fresh meat cut from the butcher. I thought I’d start slow and buy meat from the grocery store (butcher will be another day).

So today I bought meat, not just any meat, but meat specifically cut for churrasco (Brazilian barbecue). Picanha. So how do you do it? First, you look at the color. It should be blood red, nearly still alive, not too brown or rose colored. Also, there should be about a quarter to a half an inch of fat outlining the flesh.

And of course you can’t buy barbecue meat without buying the proper beer.

The meat is part of our purchase for carnaval festivities. No, we won’t be dancing Samba in the streets of Rio this year (unfortunately, but of course, most fortunately – still have that little one to think about). We are headed up to Petropolis to meet the in-laws for a few days of family fun. Here is just a portion of what we are bringing:

The other family members will provide the rest of the cow and brewery.

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8 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 47: Meat

  1. Ray says:

    Wow! Awesome selection, you are off to a great start.
    Have a great Carnaval.


  2. I’m also a fan of Hemmer pickles. I hope there’s mustard involved ( they get lonely without it).
    Um bom Carnaval para você.

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