Brazilian Challenge Day 46: Allergist

My health insurance card is burning a hole in my pocket this year people.

I don’t remember “allergist” ever being offered on any insurance plan that I ever had (but neither was homeopathic and that’s something I’m going to try for in a couple weeks). It seemed to me, although I got allergy tested by my pediatrician as a child, it was mostly done in the back of a health food store or at a yoga studio, but maybe that was just my perception. It wasn’t something that I ever sought out as an adult.

So today I went to the allergist. Of course, when I got into her office, I asked her if she spoke English. She said “no.”

She did some allergy testing on my arm, and then when the 10 minutes of waiting were up, she came back in and began speaking English! I called her on it! Her response was “Yes, but you need to speak Portuguese.” HA! Beeeeotch! But she was right.

We chatted it up in Portuguese for awhile, aside from a few English words to keep the conversation going. I thanked her for forcing me to speak, as most people like to default to English because it is easier for them.

While I probably won’t go back because she didn’t find anything, but gave me some prescription anyway (I’m not so big into random medication), it was a great Brazilian experience, even more so because she forced the issue!

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10 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 46: Allergist

  1. Yay for that doctor! I LOVE HER! (except the random scrip? WTHeck?)

  2. I don’t get it: if you don’t have anything why take something and risk having an unforseen reaction to that?

    • Exactly. Exactly why I wouldn’t take it. Unfortunately, it seems Brazil is no different than U.S. – they have their pill happy doctors here too. A had a great pediatrician for my daughter in NYC, they (there was a team) never wrote one prescription for her in the nearly three years of her life. Here, even her pediatrician now claimed that he didn’t believe in over medicating, still has written her two prescriptions thus far (neither one I filled because it was something that a change in diet could fix) – and she rarely gets sick! (knock on wood)

  3. Me, too. My first trip is to the acupuncturist, then the osteopath. Allopathic is for car accidents, vaccines, and serious infections.

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  5. Lloyd Londre says:

    An allergist is a medical doctor with specialty training in the diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases, asthma and diseases of the immune system. Some treatments prescribed for allergy control the symptoms and reactions which do not cure the condition. However, using treatments according to the prescription can show a huge change in a patient’s health, mood and extension once the medication or treatment routine is working to control the symptoms. –

    Most recent post straight from our very own homepage

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