BC Day 45: Spreading the Brazilian Birthday Party Love

Today, as a good Brazilian, I spread the Brazilian birthday party love to my Argentine friend. Ok, to be fair, she had a good amount of it down. But I did rearrange brigadeiro so that the prettiest ones were in front, stick decorative dinosaur paraphernalia into frosted cupcakes and manage the table design of an assortment of sandwiches, pao de quiejo and mimi hot dogs. Overall, a spectacular party and a fabulous showing of a few foreigners pulling off a cultural event.


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5 Responses to BC Day 45: Spreading the Brazilian Birthday Party Love

  1. Andrew Francis says:

    Congratulations, the table looks very pretty. It’s interesting when we find a happy medium between what we used to think was the right way if doing things and the new way that we used to think was wrong (but has become less weird or scary through repeated exposure).

    • So true! It kind of becomes your new reality… so that people in both your new world AND old world now think you are weird… just kidding.

      • Andrew Francis says:

        Sometimes differences stand out more than similarities. You will always be American in Brazil but over time people in America will start to see you as a little bit Brazilian too.

  2. workmomad says:

    The Brazilian birthday party extravaganza still blows my mind, but the table looks really nice. Have you started planning for your next BBP yet – it’s just a little less than ten months away, isn’t it? 🙂


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