Brazilian Challenge Day 44: Acupuntura

Ok. Technically acupuncture isn’t Brazilian. But acupuncture in Portuguese is.

Since the acupuncturist I went to was a medical doctor, I was kind of hoping he would speak English. A lot of the doctors in Sao Paulo speak some English. But no. He threw out a couple of half-English words that I wouldn’t have recognized if he hadn’t said it in Portuguese first, but he definitely didn’t speak English. See how brave and Brazilian I am getting!

Luckily, I had printed out a list of my ailments translated into Portuguese thanks to Google Translate. He seemed satisfied with this. (The list included how I had acquired quite a few wrinkles since I landed in Sao Paulo, in desperate hope that his professional interests included the kind of acupuncture face-lift treatments I had commissioned in NYC. But considering I found him through my insurance company, and his is about 65 years old, I don’t see any facial rejuvenation in my future.) He asked me a couple questions. We proceeded.

Only a couple strange things. First, he had my roll onto one side and he put the needles in. But he only did one side, not the other. Now, one might think that this would be like getting a massage only on one side. However, though I’ve experienced countless acupuncture sessions, I’ve never studied acupuncture, so I’m not one to say what the right procedure is.

Second, he gave me the piece of bandage with a small round thing in the middle that resembled a tiny bullet. He put it on my ear lobe and instructed me to press on it ten times, five times a day, for a week. Had he spoken English, I would have asked a lot of questions. But in my current situation, I just accepted my fate. Is this something Brazilian? Or had I just never come across this technique before.

Maybe someone out there can enlighten me.

Update: A friend posted on Born Again Brazilian Facebook that what the doctor did was “seeding.” I looked it up and according to the Longmont United Hospital in CO, the benefits of it are as follows:

Reducing chronic pain, headaches, depression, anxiety and stress •Improving sleep •Supporting weight reduction and control •Reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms from smoking, medication and drug use •Enhancing sense of happiness

hmmm… not bad, I’ll let you know if it works…

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12 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 44: Acupuntura

  1. Did he put that bandage somewhere on your body? Or are you just carrying it around?

  2. Stephanie says:

    You are brave!! I know several people who have had amazing success in the US with acupuncture, and a couple of them after some pretty serious things, like cancer surgery, therapy. But here, the only thing I’ve seen, was a Chinese doctor coming to our house to do a therapy for my husband that involved acupuncture and heated glass cups and doing suction treatments on his back with them, he said it was painful, and from what I saw, ouch! In the end, no difference. After 6 weeks he gave up, I think we still have the needles somewhere.

  3. Suzann says:

    Sounds great! They are very into the orriculo (my bad portuguese translation) at the place I went to get reiki. I would come out of there with about 10 – 15 things on my ear. Apparently, those are points like on the foot for different organs, etc. At least that’s what I understood – the reiki person didn’t speak english either 🙂

    Can you deduct what you are doing for tax purposes as research or work??? If so, go get some reiki!

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