My list of good eats in Sao Paulo is short, so maybe you can find some gems from a fellow Brazil blogger.

O Jeito Brasileiro

I am sadly let down when it comes to restaurants in Brasil.  I’m sure they exist, like Avenida Paulista I’m sure has some great ones.  But I’m not in the “city” even though I’m in the city.  I’m in Brooklin-Paulista, which is surrounded by a bunch of main roads/freeways.  In LA, this was great news, as it meant I could get places fast.  For me it means that when rush hour hits, I’m blocked in, so we tend not to go out at night.  Ok the truth is, my husband I both work till 10-11pm most night, and I’m pregnant with a 1 year old, that adds to it).

However, I have acquired a list of online researching of places I think look good based on reviews.  This is my fantasy, I’d like to eat here one day and see if it’s as good as it looks.

  1. Rong He in Liberdade…

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  1. Jana says:

    I have a few that I love! One, I blogged about, Chef Vivi in Vila Madalena but that certainly doesn’t help someone in Brooklin =( My other absolute favorite I just tried for the first time the other night, Oryza in Higienópolis and will be going back as much as possible. According to our american friends that took us who know the owners/chefs they are some of the best culinary chefs in Sao Paulo. (
    With lots of training in NY and France the food is incredible! Definately very gourmet and you have to try several dishes, I mean the potato ice cream with caviar? insane. if you dont see it on the menu ask for it.. seriously.

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