Brazilian Challenge Day 43: Brigadeirao

As some of you may recall, I’m not a fan of the brigadeiro, a sweet that will appear at any given birthday party in Brazil without fail. But here is a trick – take away the ending of most Portuguese nouns and add “ao” and you’ve got a big version of whatever you had before. (Another tip – take the ending off almost anything and add an “inho” and you’ve got a smaller version…)

So today I tried Brigadeirao. Not a brigadeiro, the overly thick and sweet condensed milk candy:

But Brigadeirao… a kind of spongy cake/flan of the same flavor:

And I must say, it was rather delicious. Normally, I would steer clear of anything that begins with “brigadeir” but in order to be a bit more Brazilian, I decided to dare myself. Of course, my daughter wasn’t disappointed in this choice of dessert. Though originally not a fan of the brigadeiro flavor, her tastes are slowly becoming more and more Brazilian.

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21 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 43: Brigadeirao

  1. Stephanie says:

    I don’t like brigadeiros either. TOO sweet! Upon first sight, I thought “bordeaux”- See’s Candies but so far from that. Miss See’s!!! I think the best Brasilian sweet thing I’ve ever had here, (besides good ice cream), is doce de limao. It’s made in the North East and basically is just tart limes in a sugar syrup…they taste like green lifesavers, not that that sounds good, but for me, I actually love it. It’s like farofa, it grows on you! I also like the goiaba with cheese too. But the cakes and sweets, not so much. A real hot fudge sundae…omg, it’s been like 10 years for me!

  2. bridget says:

    Though you’re not a fan, you made some lovely brigadeiro for the b-day party here! I didn’t try it, but it sure is pretty! (I was too busy sucking down caprinhas :). )

  3. Ray says:

    Hey, I am as Brazilian as I can be and I am not fond of Brigadeiro either, my mother makes a version with no chocolate and roll it around green ligthly sour seedless grapes, called “Moscatel” in Portuguese. I love it, it is awesome and I miss it.
    Just for the record, I can’t stand Carnaval, Samba or Soccer for that matter 🙂

  4. I’m a brigadeiro fan. I’ve loved it since I first had it at the birthday part y I threw for my hubby’s 40th in Sacramento CA. One of his dearest friends brought and asked if I’d put it out with the cake. I thought it was a little weird to have something along with the cake, but I’m flexible. Then we went to about 5 parties in 6 weeks, and it was there, at every party!

    My friend Marilha showed me how to make it, and I take it to the monthly birthday party every month that we throw at the orphanage. Carlos always asks me to use ‘extra’ chocolate, since it’s for kids that don’t get a lot of treats.

    • That’s so sweet! (pun intended) Some people love it. You should see how people gobble it up at the birthday parties here. Too sweet and thick for me. It is funny, right. For Americans, it is the birthday cake that is the dessert of the party, maybe a little ice cream. But here in Brazil, it is an entire table of sweet things.

  5. Alex says:

    I am horrified at the amount of Brigadeiro haters here! Ray, YOU’RE BRAZILIAN!!!! I forgive you ;-).

    I personally love them, as I eat them for every meal of the day with nothing more than 3 caipirinhas. Yes, so I have 65 Brigadeiros and 9 caipirinhas daily. I weight 4,050 pounds.

    Just kidding, but I do love them.

  6. Anna says:

    i love brigadeiro!

    • Of course you do! You are a true Brazilian!

      • Anna says:

        well I HATE beans, carnival and novela ! but… I LOVE brigadeiro 🙂

        I understand when you say its too sweet. I know you are being genuine. For me american frosting / icing and peanut butter are too sweet for my taste. European cakes are too sour / do not have enough sugar i think – exactly the opposite experience I had from eating american cakes.

        Taste is a funny thing. How one is brought up influences most of his / her taste later on. so much.

        • Ugh. Peanut butter IS too sweet in the states, at least brands like Skippy and Jiff. I’ve always made my own. Yes, the frostings etc. are super sweet too. I guess it is just what you get used to growing up sometimes. I can’t believe you hate beans!! HA.

  7. Eri says:

    Eu adoro brigadeiros mas também acho a receita tradicional muito doce.
    Para deixar o brigadeiro menos doce, você pode usar chocolate em pó meio amargo, ou adicionar meia lata de creme de leite a receita e uma colher de rum.


  8. arjungabriel says:

    I am in Sao Paulo, And I do enjoy brigadeiro but out here there another thing called Acai, i quiet enjoy it as well. again a sweet thing. i am sure you must have tried. Thanks for lovely post.

  9. Eu amo chocolate e principalmente brigadeiro, aqui minha irmã de 12 anos se especializou em fazer, e quase toda semana nos comemos, eu também concordo que é muito doce e enjoativo sometimes, então eu cheguei no acordo de não colocar manteiga, afinal a manteiga serve apenas para não grudar na panela, e claro o tipo de chocolate também ajuda a ser menos enjoativo, tente fazer no microondas sem manteiga também, 3-5 minutos tem que para nesse meio tempo, fica o mesmo gosto e suja menos

  10. ah sim uma dica ao invés de colocar chocolate em pó, tente coco ralado, chamamos de “beijinho” em inglês ”little kiss”

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