Ugh. You don’t get to say bureaucracy sucks until you’ve been to Sao Paulo. However, this post also shows the sunnier side as well.

Que Saudades!

Goal of the Week: Register car.  Sound easy?  It’s not.  The husband’s company refuses to help us (it’s not in our contract!)  HR casually provided us two locations, both of which were WRONG.  Fail.

  • Transportation taken: bus, train, train, train, bus, train, train, bus
  • Stopped at two incorrect locations before finally locating DETRAN
  • Caught in rainy season downpour with no umbrella
  • Became nauseous and felt the need to destroy something
  • Was given this to do list (of which I understood four words):

  • Printed payment ticket from machine, turned away at Banco do Brasil, 15 minute walk to Santander Bank in the rain, paid taxes upon returning to Banco do Brasil
  • Second floor… did not have proper documents… car STILL NOT registered
  • Defeated, suppressed tears, walk of shame to the train
  • Threw up on metro.*  During rush hour.  Not. Kidding.
  • Developed hate of all things new and difficult
  • Arrived home.  Rested. …

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  1. Eri says:

    Muita gente se nega a fazer isso e acha que é pagar por nada, mas o jeito mais simples para resgistrar qualquer coisa e ir no despachante mais próximo. O despachante vai te cobrar uma taxa pelos serviços dele mas você não vai ter nenhuma dor de cabeça e no fim acaba sendo muito mais barato do que você cruzar a cidade um monte de vezes.


  2. nina says:

    Sao Paulo is hard for stuff like this, hell even campinas sucks. That’s the one perk of a small city in Sao Paulo state, detran is super easy and fast.

  3. Jana says:

    The good news is she finally (thinks) she got it after another day of hell. She met great people who tried to help in the process though so happy ending but they sure don’t make these things easy!!

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