Dear Producers of Mulheres Ricas…

Dear Producers of Mulheres Ricas,

I’ll be honest with you. I’m growing quite tired of your show. It’s just a bit, well, boring.

Sure there are some hilarious elements to the program. But the humor is unintentional. For example, episode 5 began with the song “Big Girls You Are Beautiful,” by Mika. I’m guessing this is one of those translation faux pas because the song is about “big” (overweight) women, with lyrics that include “walks into the room, feels like a big balloon,” “you take your girl and multiply her by four” and “a watering hole where the girls are round.” I’m quite certain that none of the women you employ consider themselves “big” girls in the way that this artist envisioned. I’m guessing you didn’t get that.

I consider myself, like many Americans, a bit of an expert on this type of show. I first fell in love with the original U.S. version, an eventual multi-city series that I’m quite certain you bastardized, the Real Housewives of Orange County. I was lying in a hospital bed, waiting for the drugs that would induce the birth of my daughter to take effect, when I first saw the program. I was immediately drawn in.

I then spent three months of maternity leave isolated in my apartment with an infant in the depths of a cold, gray winter. I’ll admit it… the Real Housewives of Orange County became my “friends” during those long, lonely days of trying to appease a demanding baby. They were women that you could actually like. Sure, sometimes they were annoying and make bad decisions, but you liked them. Equally important, each had a story line. (By the way, you can watch the original show on Brazil Netflix if you’d like to do some research.) Thanks to Bravo Television’s marathon programming, I was able to catch up with all the episodes. And I was hooked for four years and four cities.

Now Bravo‘s Real Housewives franchise is all about watching women you like to hate. But the story lines remain, although sometimes producer induced, and it is what pulls people in, as revolting as it has become. (To be honest, I’m also growing tired of the U.S. original Real Housewives series as well. Perhaps I’m just evolving as a human being.)

But Mulheres Ricas seems to solely be based on a few rich Brazilian women saying dumb things and shopping. There is no story line, only the view into their lives that they want us to see. I’m not saying I’d like to see them ripping each other’s hair out, I’m gawd-awful tired of that nonsense from Bravo television’s Real Housewives. But give us a little more than the surface s**t that you dole out every week. It is dull. Mulheres Ricas is not even really advancing my Portuguese. All I’m learning are phrases like “Eu adore” and “hello” which I already knew.


Born Again Brazilian

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6 Responses to Dear Producers of Mulheres Ricas…

  1. Ray says:

    I found out this week that Val is the producer of the show.;)

  2. I haven’t found any sources that back up Ray’s claim regarding Val producing the show.
    On a different note: man does she looks like a tranny.
    I know you guys have mentioned this before but the picture headlining this post highlights it more than ever before. Wow. She could be a running back, at least. If Val were to hit the weights I bet she reaches linestranny. OMGodji.

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