Brazilian Challenge Day 42: Brás, Ternos and Wipers

Someone at work gave my husband a tip on where to buy good suits at a good price. This brought back memories of the guys that would stand on the street corners in Manhattan passing out flyers about great prices for Hugo Boss and other such designer suits. If you took the bait, you would be led up three floors of a narrow staircase to an hot, airless room where you find racks of suits. Sure, the labels stated the garments were Hugo, but one had to wonder…

Regardless, we decided to see this place for ourselves. So we headed to a neighborhood called Brás, north east to where we are. Bras is an area that must give the notorious Rua 25 Marco a run for their money. Shops after shops after shops run along the road, jam packed with deals from 7 belts for R$10 to any bikini you can grab for R$35.

So when we finally arrived at the suit mecca, I must say I was surprised. In the middle of all of this:

We found this:

A coffee/cappuccino bar, well-dressed and knowledgeable sales staff and a whole lot of actual designer duds, plus better service than you’ll find at Bloomingdale’s. Who knew? Well, perhaps the paulistanos do, but if you are new to the city and are looking for a suit,  Woodlouse is the place.

The other Brazil thing I did today was to buy windshield wipers from a street vendor! Well, ok, my husband engaged in the actual transition, but thanks to the comment from fellow Brazil blogger Jana of Paulista Pursuits on my post Street Vendors, I didn’t object and even hailed the guy down myself. The wipers seem to work quite well.

Another double Brazilian day!

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5 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 42: Brás, Ternos and Wipers

  1. Jana says:

    Yay, glad you tried them and are happy. I swear I’m trying to hunt this guy down as I’m in need these days… When my cabbie found him it was on Groenlandia, was that where u were by chance?! Great dica on the suits!!

  2. Wow, talk about a true gem! What a fantastic find for those suits. Were the prices true to the recommendation? Personally, I could care less about the label, since no one sees it anyway…more important is quality stitching and a good fit.

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