Brazilian Challenge Day 37: Rua 25 de Março

As suggested by Mulheres Ricas’ Brunete Fraccaroli, today I shopped on the Rua 25 de Março. But not for cheap toys for the orphans. For birthday party supplies.

Yes, it is birthday party season again! So I went with a friend to pick up supplies for her son’s party. Rua 25 de Março is notorious for cheap stuff, and since nearly everything in Sao Paulo is ridiculously expensive these days, this area is very popular.

We went early, which is smart because by the time 10 am rolls in, the sidewalks are packed. This area has just about anything you can think of in addition to toys and party supplies, including houswares, textiles and jewelry.

One thing I find funny about this shopping strip is that you’ll find shops that have a bizarre array of goods.

For instance, we came across one shop that sold reams of paper, screwdrivers, forks and nail polish. Makes you wonder who their supplier is. If it were the U.S., I’d bet it all came off the back of a hijacked truck.

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4 Responses to Brazilian Challenge Day 37: Rua 25 de Março

  1. Isn’t that street near Cracolândia: the crack ridden streets that the police recently evacuated all addicts from? Did you see any carryover from these newly crack free streets to 25 de Março street, like the junkies hanging out there now? I would bet that the merchants would deal with them pretty swiflty though, specially the middle eastern owners.

    The pic of the street is relevant to my constructive crtiticism post of the day.

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  3. Renato says:

    No Gritty P..ta, you are talking about a completely neighborhood of Sao Paulo, completely different, Cracolandia is nowhere near 25 de Marco.

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